Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

This song. One of my good friends (a guy) sent me the link to the audio of this song. On my first listen I seriously questioned why he had sent me it, but after a couple listens you find yourself addicted to it, it is completely too catchy. The dance beats coupled with a somewhat repetitive chorus makes it a song that can be mixed and used for parties or dance venues.

The video on the other hand is a lot different from what I expected. It starts off with Jepsen looking through her window at her neighbor who is mowing his lawn shirtless. The video follows her doing different things to try and get his attention, like washing the car with a tiny white tank top. Finally she gets to sing for him and is about to actually give him her number so that he can call her maybe? But he isn’t interested in her number, in fact he hands his number over to her guitar player. Awkward.


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