The Hunger Games (Movie)

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago before the announcement of the new movie “The Hunger Games” I had never heard of the series, much less read any of the books. But after completely devouring the series in a matter of days I thought it only right to treat myself to the visual aspects of a book on screen. My brother and I both read the books so it was decided that we would see it together, but because we both have different schedules we didn’t get to watch the movie immediately upon its premiere. We did see it one week after its opening, we waited forever!

All in all the film did an adequate job trying to detail the aspects of the book as a whole especially for viewers who had actually never read the books, and judging by the reactions in the audience – to events to which one knows the outcome because of the book – this made up a bulk of viewers. The film starts off quite differently from the book and scene sequences throughout the film are a bit scrambled when compared with their layout in the book. Several scenes seemed rush in an effort to keep the film from completely spiraling out of control and avoid the need for a second part to the film.

As for casting – I think the casting was done marvelously; each actor convincingly played his or her character and, in my mind, did it justice. Having read a few articles over reactions by the public over casting it seems many did not think that the casting for Cinna, Rue and Thresh was done correctly. This is where I disagree with the popular opinion, I fell that they portrayed them brilliantly!

In terms of the actual movie experience of “The Hunger Games” I actually quite liked it and when it comes out on DVD I will more than likely add it to my movie collection. That being said, I don’t think that the film adequately portrayed the story that the book was trying to tell. But I also know it is almost impossible to portray it exactly given that it would have cost exorbitant amounts of money.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should it is definitely worth it. And if you haven’t read the books then like I’ve said earlier, you are missing out and need to set aside some time to start them because I can guarantee you will not want to put them down.


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