Part of Me – Katy Perry

Part of Me is Katy Perry’s latest single. I had heard it a few times as I have a nine year old sister who loves Katy Perry and constantly sings and dances to her music. By the looks of it, it seems she has drawn from personal experiences for inspiration (read: her recent breakup with hubby Russell Brand.)  It wasn’t until this week that I actually saw the video, and I believe it is amazing!

Perry has always been know for her “feisty girl power” and her lyrics have always portrayed her personality. Another way that she shows off her amazing and confident personality is through her music videos and “Part of Me” is no exception. The video starts off with Perry seeing her boyfriend cheating on her at his workplace and while trying to leave she sees a an ad “All women are created equal, then some become marines.” This then inspires her to join the marines and become an independent and strong woman. Very much like Katy Perry herself who has not let her recent divorce bring her down, she has come out of the situation stronger and more confident than ever. Kudos to you Katy Perry, stay strong because there are many little people out there who look to you for an example of strength and confidence.


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