Brooklyn’s Restaurant

The other day at work my manager went out for lunch and brought it back to work along with the security guard’s lunch. This time she chose to go to Brooklyn’s the relatively new place in downtown Stillwater.

After an event at school my boyfriend and I decided to try out the burgers at Brooklyn’s for lunch, a late lunch at that it was probably around five or six in the evening. Brooklyn’s is located in the downtown area of Stillwater, which contains a multitude of other restaurants, cafes and local shops. The inside of the restaurant is wonderful and provides the atmosphere that is dearly needed in Stillwater, it provides an escape and makes you feel like you are in a larger city than you really are. Let’s get back to the actual experience. Since the time we went falls right in between lunch and dinner the restaurant was relatively empty with the exception of two or three other tables and a couple people sitting at the bar, so we were sat immediately upon our arrival by a very friendly host with a huge smile on her face. Once we sat down it did not take long before our drink order was taken and a basket of their sourdough bread was placed on our table. We ordered their calamari, which comes with the choice of a buffalo or Thai sauce, my boyfriend chose buffalo sauce and I asked for extra lemons because I’m a lemon on calamari kind of girl. After reviewing the menu I went with the ___ burger. (In my prior visit I had the pork chops, definitely recommend if you have an appetite, very unique dish with wonderful flavors.) During our meal my water glass was never given the chance to fall below the ¾ line. The service was absolutely wonderful; our waitress always came by to make sure that we were well taken care of and that there was not anything else that we needed. The food was also wonderful. The calamari was cooked perfectly (read: not chewy as in other restaurants) and our burgers were wonderful. I tend to stray from “restaurant burgers” because many times they are dry and the flavors are not all there. This is not the case at Brooklyn’s where the patty was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of juice left in the meat and all the ingredients topping the burgers were wonderful. My boyfriend opted for the – burger which he also said was wonderful, minus the mess which is unavoidable when dealing with a sunny side up egg and the fact that he is messy with anything. All in all the experience at Brooklyn’s was wonderful, the staff is very energetic and welcoming and the food is extraordinary. Although the prices are a little higher than at most restaurants in the Stillwater area it is well worth it. I give Brooklyn’s a solid A for service and hospitality, there are tons of tables so I wonder how it is when it’s busy. I would definitely recommend it and go again.


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