Starbucks Mini Pies

So a friend of mine tweeted a picture of a Starbucks mini pie earlier this week and I thought to myself “that looks so cute, I need one!” And so I did, or tried at least.

The first time I went through the Starbucks drive-thru it was chilly so I ordered my usual “cold weather” drink and when asked if I wanted something else I enthusiastically answered that I would like a mini pie. All is well that ends well? Right? No. They were out of mini pies and I was left craving even harder than before.

Attempt number two was much more successful, both because the weather was nicer and because I learned that Starbucks not only had cherry pies but also apple, which I prefer over all other pie flavors. Now that I have my actual pie it is time to evaluate it. The pie is simply adorable; it is a perfect mini rendition of a classical pie with a small star cut out of the crust. It has no pie tin but it very soft on the outside. The filling was amazing, although keep in mind that I had the apple pie and not cherry so I cannot speak for the latter. However mine tasted slightly of plastic, as if it had been stored in it for a while, which could very well be since I had mine later in the day. All in all I enjoyed the pie, had it just been the inside of the pie to judge then it would receive an A+, however since it was the pie as a whole It gets an A-. I would definitely recommend and get another one soon!


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