Thai Cafe Review (Stillwater, OK)

Like many students at OSU I have been to Thai Café, here in Stillwater, many times. However this week was the first time that I went with the idea in my head that I would have to be observant enough to write a review over it.

When you first drive up to Thai Café you may find yourself saying, “What? Eat THERE?!” But trust me once you get inside it is another world entirely. My boyfriend and I decided to eat dinner at Thai Café and when we walked in the, I assume, owner greeted us cheerfully and sat us immediately. However, it did take our waiter a couple turns around the restaurant to even acknowledge us much less bring us a drink. This could be just bad luck with who our waiter was because I did notice that other tables were being attended to in an appropriate amount of time. I have always heard marvelous things about the coconut chicken but when I looked at the menu I noticed that there was an option to get coconut SHRIMP. As an avid seafood lover I decided that this was the dish for me. (See picture below)

The food was great; I don’t even remember what my boyfriend got because I was so thrilled with how amazing my food was. After our food was out, our waiter was a lot more attentive, which proves my theory that he probably just started out on the wrong foot. Our experience was great and I would definitely recommend others to go to Thai Café, but as I cannot speak on the coconut chicken like others can I do recommend the coconut shrimp especially if you love seafood as much as I do. Thai Café gets an A for food and ambience, which are both unique to Thai Café here in Stillwater.


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