Kyoto Sushi (Stillwater,OK)

First off, I LOVE Kyoto!! Kyoto sushi is located in the northern part of Stillwater and has the option for hibachi dinners as well. I don’t really ever have anything bad to say and when I hear people want to go out and eat sushi here in Stillwater I make sure they know that I recommend Kyoto. Growing up in Oregon fresh fish is quite abundant and when my brother and I were younger our parents would always take us into Portland to a sushi restaurant that had a little train that would bring sushi to your table!

My boyfriend and I love going to Kyoto because of the amazing selection of sushi they have. Every roll regardless of what it has on it, is amazing! It really is quite amazing how in Stillwater you can find sushi with such great flavor and so fresh! We usually get the same mix of sushi but it is always amazing. Where there are some restaurants that have different flavors every time you go, Kyoto is consistently great. I don’t have any complaints about Kyoto the food is always great and our waitresses have always been extremely kind and helpful. I recommend Kyoto to anyone who is looking for fresh sushi in Stillwater, it is in my opinion the best you can find here and would love to see this restaurant grow in popularity.

Kyoto gets an A because of its amazingly fresh food and timely wait staff.


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