Oh thank goodness for Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving 2011 was a success as there was much food to go around. I, as usual, was in charge of dessert. This year I made no-bake cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, pumpkin pie and carrot cake. All from scratch may I add. And not to toot my own horn, but they all came out pretty tasty. Also on the menu was, of course, the turkey – which my mom makes in a very special way that makes the turkey have its own type of broth – honey ham, mashed potatoes, apple salad, carrot salad and of course cranberry sauce – my personal favorite.

And after stuffing ourselves with such a wonderful feast we all loaded up in the car for some midnight Black Friday madness. Following six hours of pure madness we finally headed home and rested our weary heads.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and the best part was not the food or the shopping but being able to spend it all with my wonderful family and give the Lord thanks for everything he has blessed us with the past year.


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