9/11 Remembered

Sunday September 11, 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of the attack on the US. I found an article that featured images from the attacks and it caused me to remember that day, already ten years ago. I was in fifth grade and the day at school had just begun when several of my classmates started getting pulled out of class to go home with their parents early. I remember wanting to go home early too, and wondering what was happening making everyone’s parents take them out of school. A little while later my teacher came in and told us she thought we were old enough to hear what had just happened to our country. As she explained the events I couldn’t believe what she was telling me and I began to think about all the parents that lived in that building, and what their kids were going to do without them. As she continued explaining the events to us, she reminded us that we were safe where we were and that we need not panic, she was there to keep us safe. The morning of that day is all I can remember, shortly after finding out what happened I was reunited with my brother in the school office where our mother was waiting to take us home. That’s the last the thing I can remember clearly. Although I was only ten years old at the time, it is crazy to believe I can still remember that morning as if it was yesterday.





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