About Me & Electronic Communication

About Me

I’m Aida Zepeda-Torres and I am a junior Strategic Communications major at Oklahoma State University. I enjoy the small things in life and I don’t have to be doing something big every  night to enjoy myself. I am the oldest of three, raised by two of the most wonderful people I know. My parents are Mexican so I grew up knowing both Spanish and English I also studied a third language, French, throughout middle school and high school. Our family dog is named Jalapeño in homage to my father’s late dog, Chiles. My family and faith are my #1 and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

What I expect from Electronic Communication.

Well I think that it will be an interesting class. I’m not exactly sure what I expect from it, in all honesty but I know that I will learn things that I did not know before. I like that we’re going to be using wordpress. I’ve always wanted to have a wordpress blog, bit have never thought of anything to write in it, maybe this class will give me the jump start I need. All in all, I am pretty excited that I chose this class for my fall semester.


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